KG-S35S - Bergerault 3.5 Octave Signature Pedal Glock

The Bergerault Signature Pedal Glock features larger style bars that demand a presence on the stage. The full body sound is highlighted with a fully adjustable frame that is hinged on each end to fold up for easy transportation. The rails and end pieces are beautifully hand stained combined with a durable aluminum frame. The Bergerault Signature Glock is the best sounding instrument on the market and will make any ensemble sound its best.

KG-PP30 - Bergerault 3.0 Octave Performance Pedal Glock

The Bergerault Pedal Glock has been used by groups all around the world. Used in the top drum corps, this instrument has larger than average keys compared to others in its' class. Producing a resonate and warm tone, this instrument shines whether on the stage or on the field.�This instrument currently ships with black textured�resonators�that prolong the life and beauty of the instrument.


The KG-PP30�is available on the following keyboard frames:


  1. Dynasty Gridiron II Cart (KG-PP30G,�pictured)
  2. Dynasty Performance Concert Frame (KG-PP30C)

Click here for more info on keyboard frames

KG-S25S - Bergerault 2.5 Octave Signature Glockenspiel

The Bergerault 2.5 octave Glock is made with 100% alloy steel bars and hand tuned to optimize the finest sound on the stage. The Glock comes with a beautifully hand crafted oak case and handles to make transport quick and easy.

KG-P25W - Bergerault 2.5 Octave Performance Glockenspiel

The Bergerault Performance Glockenspiel bridges the gap between the affordable Dynasty Performance Series and the beautiful Bergerault Signature Series instruments. The Glockenspiel is made with 100% Alloy steel bars that will make an excellent addition to your concert ensemble.