KV-SS30 - Bergerault 3.0 Octave Signature Vibraphone

The Signature Series Vibraphone produces a rich, warm sound with great projection. Special aluminum alloy bars are tuned to A=442 with a range from f3-f6. Height is adjustable from 34" to 42" with 4" casters. Frame is constructed of beautiful stained oak and is attached to an extremely durable and easily assembled metal frame.

KV-PS35 - Bergerault 3.5 Octave Performance Vibraphone

The Bergerault 3.5 Performance Vibraphone has been regarded as the best sounding vibraphone on the market. The silver aluminum bars are tuned to A=442 with a range from C3-F6. The combination of the tuning, the projection of sound, and the durability makes this instrument a must for any front ensemble. This instrument currently ships with black textured resonators that prolong the life and beauty of the instrument.


The KV-PS35 is available on the following keyboard frames:


  1. Dynasty Gridiron Cart (KV-PS35G)
  2. Dynasty Performance Concert Frame (KV-PS35C)

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