Tuba Rest

A18-AK100LT - Tuba Rest Long Tube, 18"

This tube has been designed so euphonium players are able to use the Tuba Rest while playing their euphonium. The player would remove the 15" tube that is supplied with the Tuba Rest and replace it with this longer tube.


A18-MC100 - Handy Tuba Rest

An excellent product for student to professional player, the Handy Tuba Rest places the instrument at the individual players best height for proper breathing and promotes proper posture. The Tuba Rest also eliminates the strain of holding the tuba on player's lap which encourages longer practice and playing time.

Improvements include detachable oval shaped top which offers contoured support to cradle the instrument, height adjustment tube is drilled and supplied with a steel pin to securely hold the instrument at the proper height, new lower knob offers secure clamping system for tripod leg area.  

The Tuba Rest assists players with any size tuba. Extra Long tube available (#A18-AK100LT)which offers euphonium players the benefits of the Tuba Rest. Extra long tube also allows tuba player to stand and perform. Carry bag also available (#A18-MC100CP)

  • Tuba Rest Minimum Height, legs extended, tube not extended, from floor to cradle 13"
  • Tuba Rest length for storage, tube not extended, tripod legs folded, 14.5"

A18-MC100CP - Handy Tuba Rest carrying pouch - fits in bell

Handy Tuba Rest Carry Pouch has been specially designed to carry Tuba Rest inside bell of instrument. The soft, black velveteen pouch is lined with protective foam padding and is secured with velcro closures. Flat nylon webbed handle is sewn onto pouch so can also be carried by hand.

PF2003 - Replacement Height Adjustment Tube

Replacement for height adjusting tube on Tuba Rest

PF2000 - Replacement Collar Knob

Large Upper Knob including nut for Handy Tuba Rest

PF2002 - Replacement Collar

Replacement Collar Assembly for Handy Tuba Rest includes Collar with Large Adjusting knob.

A18-AK100T - Replacement Plastic Cradle

Plastic cradle for Handy Tuba Rest

A18-AK100P-3 - Replacement Pad

Foam replacement pad for Handy Tuba Rest cradle