Trumpet Mouthpieces

A02-SBTR1V - Dynasty Signature Brass Trumpet Mouthpiece

Dynasty Signature Mouthpieces are designed to improve and enhance the tone quality of the instrument for the player. Our A02-SBTR1V has characteristics similar to 3E trumpet mouthpieces but with more rounded rim and with v-cup.

A02-TR3C - Brasswind Trumpet Mouthpiece

A02-TR5C - Brasswind Trumpet Mouthpiece

A02-TR7C - Brasswind Trumpet Mouthpiece

A02-CO7C - Brasswind Cornet Mouthpiece

A03-AW4 - All Weather Cornet, 7C Cup Size

All Weather Cornet Mouthpiece remains comfortable to players lips in hot or cold temperatures. Delrin cup is bonded to brass silver plated shank and machined to guarantee consistent and smooth backbore.