Euphonium Mouthpieces

A02-BB1 - Brian Bowman Model BB1 Mouthpiece with Pouch

For the professional performer and serious student this mouthpiece has a deep cup and large backbore particularly suited to the rich euphonium sound of today. Improved intonation, center of sound in both the upper and lower range are characteristics of this model. This model is used by Dr. Brian L. Bowman. Specify trombone, euphonium, or bass trombone shank.

A02-BB2 - Brian Bowman Model BB2 Mouthpiece with Pouch

Patterned after a traditional euphonium mouthpiece, the number 2 model has a "v" cup design giving a full responsive tone quality. Not as deep as the number 1 model, it still produces a characteristic euphonium sound and response. Specify trombone, euphonium, or bass trombone shank.

A02-WDEU1 - Wayne Downey Euphonium Mouthpiece

Silver plated. Depth of the cup is large, cup diameter is 25.55mm, the rim shape is medium wide and well rounded. The large cup size allows for a distinct dark, rich tone. Aids in the Production of a characteristic quality of sound in all registers. Improves tuning, centering and focus of each pitch. Improves range in all registers. Creates a sizzling lead sound in the upper register. Produces a deep, dark sound in the lower register. Improves slurring flexibility. Improves clarity on all articulations.